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  • Filtrate Clarification Systemssr6
  • Syrup Clarification System
  • Scum Desweetening System
  • Melt Clarification System
  • Deep bed Filters

Sugar Refinery

  •  Carbonation Process
  • Phaspho Flotation Process

Phosphatation Process

Low capital cost with very simple equipments and only Polish Primary Filtration required.Polish Filtration duty can be shared with PAC process. Higher Operating Cost including Decolorizing Chemical. Will clarify over a full range of raw sugar types and operate at 65 brix or higher.

Carbonation Process

High Capital with need to provide large pumps to supply Co and high surface area both Primary and Secondary Filtration. Lower Operating cost with lime to be purchased in considerable quantity. More basic concept less able to operate on variable and is more suitable for low pol sugars and Operating brix dependent on filterability of sugar so brix often has to be dropped to maintain throught.

General Flow Diagram from Raw To Refined Sugar