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Purolite SST 60

PUROLITE® SST 60 — Shallow Shell Technology Resin

Technical Data

The Purolite SST family of high efficiency softening resins is based on shallow shell technology. Simply stated, the shorter the diffusion path, the more rapid the softening exchange occurs. This is particularly important during regeneration. Reducing the depth of penetration required to cleanse the resin allows for a more complete regeneration and provides a higher, more efficient utilization of the regenerant. The result is a group of resins with unsurpassed salt efficiency, lower leakage, and simply reduced rinse water requirements. When compared to conventional softening resins, regenerant reductions of 30 to 60 gms per liter of resin per regeneration are easily possible without sacrificing capacity or increasing leakages. This translates to a salt savings of 10 to 20 MT of salt per m3 of installed resin per year based on daily regenerations plus savings in water for regeneration. 

Under a microscope, Purolite SST resins look different than other resins. That’s because these resins have inert centers. Only the outer shell is functionalized.

Uniform Depth of Functionality


By shortening the diffusion path through the use of shallow shell  technology, each resin bead presents the same depth of functionality which leads to more efficient use of regenerant and therefore, better regeneration. This in turn leads to higher capacities, lower leakages and better handling of iron.

Diffusion PathUniform_Depth

This unique structure gives Shallow Shell Technology resins certain advantages:

Shallow Shell Technology Advantages
Higher Recovered Capacity Per Kg of Salt
Better Iron Removal
Lower Rinse Requirements
No equipment Modifications Needed
Lower Leakages at All Regenerant Levels
Less Susceptible to Iron Fouling
Shorter Regeneration Cycles
Superior Physical Strength
Non-Solvent Sulfonated
Resistant to Oxidation

Purolite SST resins exhibit superior toughness and durability to osmotic shock versus conventional resins. This is key in industrial applications and portable exchange units where the resin sees a lot of physical handling. These resins save water too. The shallow shell technology of Purolite SST products regenerate with about 50% less water and rinse very quickly to quality.

Typical Applications for Shallow Shell Technology Resins are:

. Reducing regeneration levels in conventional softeners resulting in big savings in salt and water usage.

. Combined Iron and hardness removal in one vessel.

. Softening of high hardness, high TDS waters which is not possible with standard resins.

. CIX-RO Process — using RO reject to regenerate resin used in pre-RO softening.

. Fluoride Removal with SST Resins in Aluminium form.

. Heavy metal /Hardness removal prior to R.O Plants for water treatment and waste water recycle.

. Using sea water for regeneration of SST cation resin.

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