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AISHCHEM FLM flocculants are advanced water soluble polymers which have been developed specifically as aids to the rapid flotation of phosphatation scums at the clarification stage of refinery processing.

The clarification process makes use of the two stages of flocculation termed primary and secondary. Primary flocculation effected by phosphatation is followed by aeration. Secondary flocculation occurs using AISHCHEM FLM flocculants. AISHCHEM FLM flocculants gather both primary flocs and air bubbles into secondary flocs that have an extremely rapid flotation rate resulting in brilliant clarified liquor. 

When used in conjunction with AISHFLOC L precipitant  AISHCHEM FLM flocculants ensure rapid floc flotation and stable, scums. The temperature and the retention time in clarifiers is reduced giving lower sugar degradation losses and considerably increased plant capacity. 

AISHCHEM FLM flocculants can also be used successfully in scum desweetening to increase recovery of sugar from phosphatation scums. 

AISHCHEM FLM flocculants are producing excellent results in refineries throughout the world.


  • Increased plant capacity and lower sugar  degradation are obtained because of the significant reduction in retention time and temperature in the flotation clarifier. 
  • When used in conjunction with any of Aishwaryaa’s range of decolorants, the secondary flotation action of AISHCHEM FLM flocculant results in a brilliant clad‑ fled liquor and rapid floc flotation. AISHCHEM FLM flocculants also give more compact, less fluid scums which means better drainage.
  • AISHCHEM FLM flocculants are carefully tested to ensure each batch meets our strictest specification for anionicity, solubility and viscosity thereby ensuring the high quality of our product.
  • The ‘specifications of AISHCHEM FLM flocculants are in accordance with the requirements of the FDA.
  • AISHCHEM FLM flocculants are supplied with the technical support of Aishwaryaa.


The preparation tank should have a supply of clean water of a temperature between 10°C and 55°C. It should be fitted with an air sparge pipe for stirring and an eductor for blending in the AISHCHEM FLM flocculant. A separate feed tank is desirable so that the solution may be stored for 2 to 3 hours after preparation to allow complete hydration of the polymer. A solution of 0.1% strength is recommended i.e. 1 kg of AISHCHEM FLMflocculant per 1000 liters of water.

The mixing tank should be half filled with water and air agitation begun at a  moderately turbulent rate. The AISHCHEM FLM flocculant should be fed slowly into the eductor funnel at a rate not greater than 1 kg per minute. The tank should be filled to the required level with water and then agitated for 10 to 20 minutes to dissolve the powder and then the air supply reduced to a gentle flow. The solution of AISHCHEM FLM flocculants should be allowed to stand for a minimum of 2 hours before it is transferred to the feed tank for use.


AISHCHEM FLM flocculant should be added to the phosphatated, aerated liquor before  entry into the clarifier. Best results are achieved by allowing the flocculant solution 2 – 3 minutes of gentle mixing with the process stream before entering the clarifier, via an in-line mixer. Normally between 5 and 10 ppm of AISHCHEM FLM flocculant, calculated on sugar solids, is required for stable floc formation.


Physical Form Free flowing white granular powder
Particle Size Minimum 80% between 0.15 and 0.8 mm
Hazard Non-hazardous
Shelf Life 2 years


AISHCHEM FLM flocculants have a low order of toxicity. The acute oral (rat) 1250 and dermal (rabbit) LD50 values are >2.5 g/kg and >2g/kg respectively. Direct contact with these materials may cause eye and skin irritation.


AISHCHEM FLM flocculants should be stored in a dry, clean environment away from direct sunlight and preferably at a temperature above 5°C and below 40°C. Under ideal storage conditions the shelf life will be 2 years.


AISHCHEM FLM flocculants are packed in 25 kg net polybags