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AISHCHEM FLS floatation flocculant was developed specifically for use in the syrup clarification process . It can also enhance the performance of all types of syrup clarification processes. AISHCHEM FLS flocculant is the most cost-effective syrup clarification flocculant in use in the sugar industry, all over the world.

AISHCHEM FLS flocculant is an advanced water soluble polymer for use as a flocculant in the process of thick syrup clarification. This process is a flotation clarification step introduced into the normal process stream of raw & white sugar production. Thick syrup from the last or penultimate effect of the evaporator station is treated with a soluble phosphate (typically phosphoric acid) and the pH is adjusted to approximately pH 7, normally using lime sucrate. This causes the formation of the primary floc. The treated syrup is then aerated in a system which ensures the correct size and volumetric concentration of air bubbles. AISHCHEM FLS flocculant is then added to this phosphatated, aerated syrup before entry into a special clarifier. This clarifier contains an integral flocculating chamber permitting gentle mixing of the AISHCHEM FLS flocculant with the treated syrup before entry into the main body of the clarifier thereby ensuring the best results.


  • The process using AISHCHEM FLS flocculant is a very cost effective syrup clarification process. 
  • A significantly higher overall yield of sugar is obtained along with a substantial reduction in the color and turbidity. 
  • AISHCHEM FLS flocculant is manufactured to the highest quality and meets FDA requirements. 
  • AISHCHEM FLS flocculant is supplied as a powdered product which means it can be stored in a stable state for long periods of time. Normal shelf life is 2 years. 
  • As with all our products, AISHCHEM FLS flocculant is supplied with all kinds of technical support from A-C.


To maximize results it is essential to ensure that the flocculant is well mixed into the clarifier feed syrup. However, excessive turbulence or agitation will easily destroy the effect of the polymer. The flocculant solution should be dosed into the product stream using a low shear pump. Based on sugar solids a dosage of between 8 – 12 ppm of AISHCHEM FLS flocculant is recommended.


Physical Form Free flowing white powder
Particle Size Minimum 80% between 0.15 and 0.8mm.
Toxicity No hazardous 
Hazard Non-hazardous
Shelf Life 2 years


The preparation tank should have a supply of clean water, temperature between 10°and 55°C, and be fitted with an air sparge or slow paddle for stirring. To disperse the flocculant powder, use either an educator or a dry powder feeder into a fan spray of water. A separate feed tank is important because the solution must be stored for a minimum of 2 hours after preparation to allow complete hydration of the polymer A solution of 0.1% strength is recommended, that is 1 kg per 1000 kg of water Sufficient solution for a shift or whole day should be prepared. Flocculant solution more than 24 hours old will have reduced activity.


AISHCHEM FLS flocculant has a low order of toxicity. The acute oral (rat) LD50 value and  dermal (rabbit) LD50 values are estimated to be >2.5 g/kg and >10 g/kg, respectively. Direct contact with these materials may cause minimal eye irritation and minimal skin irritation.  


AISHCHEM FLS flocculant should be stored in a dry, clean environment away from direct sunlight and preferably at a temperature above 5°C and below 40°C.


AISHCHEM FLS flocculant is packed in 25 kg bags.