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The product family of AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculants offers a selection of high quality juice flocculants to the sugar industry world-wide. The product family range has been developed predominantly for use as a settling aid in the clarification stage of raw sugar manufacturing

AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculants can be used with equally good results in phosphotation, carbonation and sulphitation systems. When used in juice clarification, AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculants entrain the suspended solids in a network of fast settling flocs, ensuring maximum brilliance of the clarified juice.

The optimal AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculant depends on local conditions and should be determined by laboratory trials, as is the accepted practice. AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculants can also be added to muds to improve pick-up on  the filters, increasing the filter station capacity. Filtrate clarity is also improved when AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculant is used, thereby reducing the quantity of suspended solids that are recycled. AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculants are used in many countries around the world with excellent results.


  • AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculant increase the capacity of juice clarifiers due to faster settling properties. This makes them ideal for Short Retention Clarifier where rapid settling is required.
  • Improved coagulating properties resulting from increase in molecular weight.
  • Improves recovery of sugar from the mud due to less flocculant being required. The filterability of the mud is also improved, therefore giving a much lower final Pol in the clarifier.
  • Manufactured to a high standard and meets FDA requirements.
  • Supplied as powder products, which minimizes storage requirements.
  • A flocculant preparation unit should be used to ensure consistently high quality batches each time.


A 0.1% solution should be prepared (1 kg per 1000 liters of water) in a mixing tank fitted with air sparger pipe. A clean supply of water (preferably cooled DM Water) at a temperature of less than 50°C should be used for dilution. Water that has a high total dissolved solid content or that is over 55°C severely reduces the activity of AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculants. The solution should be aged for a minimum of 2 hours but no more than 24 hours in a holding tank. Flocculant solution more than 24 hours old will have reduced activity. Proper preparation ensures high quality batches are achieved each time. We recommend 8 hrs batch cycle for each shift or max 12 hrs batch time.


AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculants should be added juice before entry into the clarifier. Best results are achieved by allowing the flocculant solution 2 – 3 minutes of gentle mixing with the process stream before entering the clarifier, via an in-line mixer. Recommended dosing of AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculants is between 1 – 1.5 ppm on juice weight in conventional clarifier and 4 – 5 ppm in Short Retention Clarifier.


Physical Form Off White, free flowing granular solid
Particle Size Maximum 1% above 1.7 mm,
Maximum 4% passing 0.1mm
PH(0.5% solution) 5.0 -7.0
Shelf Life 2 years


AISHCHEM LT – 27 juice floccula.nts are estimated to have a low order of toxicity. The acute oral (rat) LD50 and dermal (rabbit) LD50 values are estimated to be >2.5 g/kg and >2 g/kg respectively. Direct contact withthese materials may cause minimal eye irritation and minimal skin irritation.


AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculant should be stored in a dry, clean environment away from direct sunlight and preferably at a temperature above 5°C and below 40°C. It stored under ideal conditions the shelf life will be 2 years.


AISHCHEM LT – 27 flocculant is packed in 25 kg net bags