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Meeting Challenges

Meeting Challenges

We meet demanding challenges in a whole range of industries, applications and performance requirements. here are just a few examples of the tough jobs Purolite has tackled successfully on behalf of customers:

Demanding specifications:

bbThe manufacture of silicon wafers for semiconductors requires extraordinary cleanliness. Purolite has the products and the process knowledge to assure electronic component manufactures a continuous stream of ultra-high purity water.

Process efficiency:

Purolite resin products can often be used in concert to remove multiple contaminates in a single step saving capital and operating costs.

Higher process throughput:

Purolite is widely recognized for our high quality sweetener processing resins. Our product superiority also comes from its ability to actually increase processing plant output Faster and better.

Innovative technology:

It’s hardly a surprise than that the next generation of biofuels can be purified to meet stringent government and automative manufacturer’s specifications with Purolite resins.

Resin quality:

Elevated flow rates, temperatures and pressures can destroy beed structures rendering fragile resins ineffective. Purolite catalysts work in the most demanding, hostile environments outpacing competition.