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The facilities we operate

Our extensive R&D facilities have allowed us to garner a reputation as the leading provider of innovative resin products and formulations. Less obvious, perhaps,is that these facilities allow us to provide a level of customer support unequalled among resin manufactures. When customers need formulary modifications, unique resins performance characteristics or an extraordinary level of product purity, they have but to ask We’ll deliver.

rppPurolite maintains world class ISO 9000:2000 rated facilities in the united states, Romania and China. Each plant is supported by on-site quality control laboratories and technical customer service. Additionally, Purolite maintains corporate research and development laboratories in the United Kingdom and satellite research laboratories in Romania, China, USA and Russia. In concert, our laboratories keep us well in front of the latest product innovations and technological developments.

Purolite has the answer:

As a global manufacturer of specialty resins, Purolite products are used in tasks that range from basic water softening to highly sophisticated applications in the food processing, petrochemical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and nuclear power industries. But having what is perhaps the widest range of products among resin manufacturers is only the beginning of what makes Purolite an industry leader. We also excel in providing innovative, flexible, customer support.