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For increasing the yield of sugar it is essential that a good biocide should be used on the mills so that the inversion of sugar is kept minimum. AISHCHEM Q is a Quaternary Ammonium based mill sanitation biocide. It  not only fulfills all requirements but, because of its special ingredients,  it offers a broad spectrum biocidal activity against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. 

The further advantages of AISHCHEM Q, are listed below.  It works by dissolving the outer fat layer surrounding the bacterial cell there by making the bacteria loose its food supply eventually leading to its death.


Most of the Quats sold in market as biocides for the sugar industry has the following disadvantages: 

  • Limited effect in the presence of organic matter present in juice
  • Partial efficacy in the presence of Ca.& Mg. ions present in the juice
  • Not specifically approved by F.D.A.

 AISHCHEM Q overcomes all these problems because it is based on a new generation of Quats called ‘twin chain’.  These are for more effective than the ordinary quats used at present and have the additional advantage of being approved by the F.D.A.  It has broader and faster kill efficiency against a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi & yeast.

 AISHCHEM Q also enjoys clearance by the USA Environmental Protection Agency, under their registration no. 6836-67.

 Note: As per customer needs we can make special formulation from 25 – 45 %.


Appearance             Pale straw Liquid 
Specific Gravity, @ 25deg C  0.96-1.04
PH (10% solution in water)     7.1 – 8.1
Active Content 50 + 1%


Dosage varies from 4 – 6 ppm.  However it is recommended to start with a higher dosage and after obtaining full control on the micro-organism the dosage should be gradually lowered to arrive at optimum dosage which is cost effective.  It is preferred to give a shock dose of 10 ppm.  Once in a shift where you can add the quantity required for 1 hour based on 10ppm in 5 minutes.


AISHCHEM Q is supplied in 50 Kgs net  HDPE Carboys.


AISHCHEM Q should stored in a cool & dry place. Open to sky storage should be avoided.


The product is harmful if swallowed.  If swallowed, immediate action requires drinking milk and including vomiting followed by medical attention.  Workmen handing the product should wear gloves & goggles.