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AISHCHEM DTE (Carbomate Base)


AISHCHEM DTE is a high potency micro biocide scientifically formulated with ingredients, which are permitted for use in direct food additives.  Just a few parts per million of AISHCHEM DTE, used continuously, will minimize inversion losses due to various microorganisms specially, Leuconostic.  AISHCHEM DTE is highly effective and it is not based on elements like halogen based components like Bromine Chlorine,flourine & Iodine, which are highly harmful and not recommend for use in food industries.


  • Minimize sucrose losses caused by enzyme invertase     and yeasts, moulds, fungi & Bacteria
  • Controls dextran forming leuconostic mesenteroides bacteria
  • Reduces labour and time spent on mill sanitation
  • Lower sugar mill corrosion
  • It is non corrosive approved by food administration


Appearance                  Pale  Yellow liquid
Active Content             40 + 1%
Specific Gravity           1.1-1.16
pH                                  11 + 0.5
FDA Status                   Approved, CFR  No. 173.320


Feeding of AISHCHEM DTE should be done at points where maximum recirculation takes place over the entire mill tandem.  This will ensure proper utilization of the product.  Convenient points of dosage are 35% of total dosage added to crusher juice and balance 65% added to juice from the next to the last mill. Do not add to maceration water. 


Dosage varies from 8-10 ppm.  However it is recommended to start with a higher dosage and after obtaining full control on the micro-organism the dosage should be gradually lowered to arrive at optimum dosage which is cost effective.  It is preferred to give a shock dose of 20 ppm.  Once in a shift where you can add the quantity required for 1 hour based on 20 ppm in 5 minutes. 

However good housekeeping , which includes regular steaming and cleaning is essential for micro-organism control.  The use of AISHCHEM DTE will result in quicker mill cleaning. It is also recommended to use AISHCHEM DTEQ one week after every 2 weeks @ 5 ppm. This will give better effect as the bacteria will not get used to Morphic-BC-800.


AISHCHEM DTE is supplied in HDPE carboys or barrel only. It is preferable to avoid mild steel containers. Our standard packing is 60Kgs in carboys. 

Dilution, storage & feeding pipelines of    AISHCHEM DTE may be done in HDPE Pipes or Flexible Hoses. It should be stored in dry place.


The product is harmful if swallowed.  If swallowed, immediate action requires drinking milk and inducing vomiting followed by medical attention.  Workmen handing the product should wear gloves & goggles.