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Purolite Product Application Guide

Product Application Guide

Enhancing RO recoveries with unique Purolite resins and technologies

            Tightening regulations on reject disposal from RO plants and the scarcity of water is increasing the need for solutions to conserve and recycle precious water resources. This is pushing the membrane industry to improve operating efficiencies. The large volume of reject generated, typically from 15 to 50% can easily be reduced by using unique purolite products and technologies which help to increase RO recovery and reduce waste water generated. Our unique products and technologies will offer you with the following significant advantages:

  • Increased RO recovery
  • Increased Membrane Life
  • Increased availability of RO Plant
  • Reduced volume of reject and facilitation of Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Reduced membrane cleaning frequency

Listed below are specific contaminants that limit the performance of RO plants and the corresponding Purolite Resins that can be used for removal / reduction in the level of the contaminants to help improve recoveries from RO plants thereby reducing capital and operating costs.

Purolite Product Offered   Problem
SST65 / CIX-RO / SST60 If FEED WATER SOFTENING for R.O is desired without use of commercial salt for regeneration of the softening resin – using RO reject instead. For HIGH HARDNESS / HIGH TDS SOFTENINTG.
MPR1000 If SDI and COLLOIDAL SILICA / TOC restrict membrane recovery / performance.
A860 / A500P Removal of COLOR / BOD /COD / TOC from water and waste water.
SST60-AI form For the removal of FLUORIDE form water or waster water.
MZ10 Plus If IRON and MANGANESE are causing fouling of membranes.
S930Plus / C106 If HEAVY METALS are fouling the membranes.
OL100 If OIL is limiting the recovery / performance of UF and RO Systems.

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