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AISHCHEM VR – 400 is a surface – active product for use in the Vacuum Pans and Crystallizer.  It physically alters massecuite characteristics and the surface tension reduction effect carries through to the crystallizer and centrifugals to give the following benefits.


  • Reduces pan boiling time, reduces viscosity and increases flowability of massecuite.
  • Increases number of strikes, leading to greater pan capacity utilization
  • Lowers final molasses purity, higher exhaustion
  • Speeds graining, forms sharper crystals
  • Minimizes pumping load, improves fluidity


The product is to be dispersed in ordinary water, at the ratio of 1:5 prior to use.  This solution should then be fed to the vacuum pan in two or is three lost Half of the calculated quantity can be added at the start of boiling and the other half when the boiling is three quarters over.  Alternatively, the    second half can be further divided into two portions, one added at the three – quarter stage and the other portion, towards the end of boiling so that it has maximum carry through effect to the crystallizers and centrifugals. 

Guideline dosage is 0.5 – 1 Kg of AISHCHEM VR – 400 for each 40 tons of strike “A” or “B” and 1 – 2 Kg for each 40 tons of strike “C”.  It is to be added directly to the vacuum pans either through seeding cock or washbasin drain.

AISHCHEM VR – 400 can directly and separately be added to crystallizes, whether in batch or continuous type, for improving the fluidity.  The addition of AISHCHEM VR – 400 will help in homogenizing the mass thus improving heat transfer.


Appearance Light viscous liquid
Chemical Nature Polymeric base 
Specific gravity 1.0 – 1.1
FDA status Approved, CFR No. 173.320


AISHCHEM VR – 400 is packed in 50 kg net (53 Kg gross) HMHDPE Drums.


The product is harmful if swallowed.  If swallowed, immediate action requires drinking milk and inducing vomiting followed by medical attention.  Workmen handing the product should wear gloves & goggles.