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Diransa SRL is an argentine company that manufactures emulsion-based polymers and chemical specialty products since 1972 providing solutions for different industry sectors and applications.

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As the global leader in resin technology, we develop and manufacture very small beads — down to 35 micron — that are used in the most regulated industries in the world. Industries like nuclear power, potable water, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology depend on our products to separate, remove or recover very specific elements and compounds. The applications are endless.

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Paques biotechnology helps companies to reduce fresh water intake, decrease their carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources from waste. Major global changes make integration of water purification, sustainable energy generation and reuse of resources of growing importance.

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Since opening our doors for business back in 2013, SepraTECH Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been associated with a high level of quality, expertise, innovations & professionalism. That's largely because of our concerted effort to deepen the connections we have within the industrial community & to continuously improve the personalized services we provide.

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Solid/Liquid separation applications is largely a process of scale-up based on direct experimentation with the process material. The nature and sizing of equipment depends on the economic values and proportions of the phases as well as certain physical properties that influence relative movements of solids and liquids.

Having in-depth knowledge of Solid/Liquid Separation subject, ROTOFILT has evolved unique insight in the realms of the subject matter offering first the solution and than the Equipment.

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