Dextran Control

Aish Dex L

The bacteria, Leuconostoc sp. infects damaged tissues in cane and produces a polysaccharide called dextran. Dextran causes increase in viscosity of cane juice and syrup, thereby hampering steps in sugar processing such as filteration, crystallization and recovery of sugar.

Aish Dex L is an endo-dextranase enzyme belonging to the family of glycosyltransferases obtained from selected strain of microorganism. It preferentially cleaves the 1, 6-α-glucosidic linkages in dextran and its degradation products. Water soluble polysaccharides and oligosaccharides of varying lengths are formed in the initial stages of hydrolysis; glucose and smaller quantities of maltose and maltotriose are formed upon prolonged hydrolysis. This results in decreasing the viscosity of cane juice and facilitating sugar processing