Juice Colour Precipitant


AISHCHEM - CPJ color precipitants, developed specifically for use in sugar mills, represent an extremely simple way of removing color from sugar cane juices without incurring significant cost. In addition, AISHCHEM - CPJ precipitants have proven to be very effective where high ash content is present. The performance of most decolorants is hindered by a high ash level; however AISHCHEM - CPJ precipitants produce excellent results regardless of ash content.

AISHCHEM - CPJ precipitants are non-toxic aqueous polymers with cationic properties. AISHCHEM - CPJ precipitants react with negatively charged color bodies, neutralizing their charges and thereby causing precipitation. The precipitated color is subsequently removed during syrup clarification.

AISHCHEM - CPJ precipitants can remove 20-30% of the colour from clarified juice, which is reflected in the final colour of the sugar.


  • AISHCHEM - CPJ & CPS precipitants give a 20-30% decolorization when treated on the clarified juice.
  • AISHCHEM - CPJ & CPS precipitants are liquid products that are easy and convenient to handle.
  • AISHCHEM - CPJ & CPS precipitants can be used to reduce or replace syrup sulphitation with a corresponding reduction in inversion losses and therefore an increased sugar yield.
  • AISHCHEM - CPJ & CPS precipitants can be used when the factory must produce a higher quality sugar for a particular client.