Melt Colour Precipitant


AISHFLOC L precipitant is a cationic color removal aid in liquid form developed as a processing aid for use in phosphotation refineries.

AISHFLOC L precipitant was specifically developed for use in refineries which use phosphotation and therefore can be used in place of our traditional AISHFLOC L precipitant. AISHFLOC L precipitant has the advantage of being easier to handle than a conventional AISHFLOC L precipitant. Fluctuations in raw sugar color are a serious problem in refineries with only filtration and the great advantage of using AISHFLOC L precipitant in this case is that it allows these refineries to operate efficiently with variable quality raw sugar. Reduced color loading on subsequent decolorization stages has made the permanent use of AISHFLOC L precipitant an attractive proposition. Carbon or Ion Exchange resin cycles can be extended resulting in substantial savings in operating costs.

  • When using AISHFLOC L precipitant, up to 50% lower color is obtained after phosphotation. Obviously, actual performance depends on the color and properties of the liquor before treatment. 
  • AISHFLOC L precipitant is extremely easy and convenient to use since it is a liquid product. 
  • Using AISHFLOC L precipitant means a very low capital outlay with appreciable increase in decolorization.