Seed slurry


AISHCHEM SS is required for graining a grade massecuites in sugar industries. Sugar loss in final molasses depends upon the size of Seed Slurry used for A,B & C Massecuites. Variation in the Seed Slurry size adversely affects the exhaustion of final molasses. AISHCHM SS is prepared in a specially designed machine using highly and Isopropyl alcohol which prevents agglomeration of fine sugar particles. It can be kept for a period of 3-6 months without any lump formation. 

  • Develop uniform grains.
  • Reduces viscosity of low grade massecuite.
  • Better low grade massecuite purging at the centrifugal resulting in lower circulation of the sugar.
  • Improve circulation of the massecuite within the Pan
  • Improve the molasses % cane & reduce the purity of molasses